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Paramedical Tattoo

A paramedical tattoo is a cosmetic tattoo given because of a medical condition or to disguise the results of its treatment.

During breast reconstruction after mastectomy (removal of the breast for treatment of cancer), or breast reduction surgery, This technique is sometimes used to replace the areola which has been removed during mastectomy, or to fill in areas of pigment loss which may occur during breast reduction performed with a nipple graft technique. Other uses include simulating the appearance of a belly button after abdominoplasty and covering of Stretch Mark scars, Cleft Lip, Self harm scars, 

For radiation treatment


Tattoos have been used as fiducial markers as an aid in guiding radiotherapy. These Sad reminders of a hard time in a person's life can now be transformed into a freckle or birthmark through Camouflage tattoo instead of a painful reminder of the treatment they endured. Jessa carefully selects a custom mix of color to hide the blue hue under the skin so the person can move forward and heal and move past their Radiation Treatment marks. 

Female hip after stretch mark removal tr
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